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Pricing Info

Curb Side Pick-Up

Since we live in a rural area, we reserve the right to quote specific locations as situations may vary. 

The cart(s) belong to Volunteer Trash Service, and use is included with the monthly price. If the cart(s) is lost, stolen or damaged the replacement fee is $80. 

Driveway Dumpsters are Now Available!

Existing customers get a discount!

  • $295 for a one-week rental.
  • Free delivery up to 25 miles.
  • Mileage fees apply over 25 miles.
  • Free haul off of up to 2 tons.
  • Overage fees apply over 2 tons.

We strive to be a paperless company but paper statements are available when requested. You can always mail check payments to:

PO Box 4862
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Payment Terms

Monthly payments accepted via card, bank draft, and online payment at no additional cost.
Pay by check is available for those who mail-in quarterly or annually.

First month due at the time of signing up. Cancel anytime, no additional charges. All deliver and pickup costs included for the monthly rate.

Payment is due by 20th of the month. After the 20th Service will be suspended.

After 45 days the cart will be picked up for another customer to use. If the cart is repo’d there is a $25 re-delivery fee to set service back up.


Thank you for understanding we will shift the schedule on Thanksgiving and Christmas.



"Exceptional customer service and professionalism. They make the transition as a new customer so smooth and easy. It has been great working with them. I wouldn’t want to take my business elsewhere."

- Tamara

"I highly recommend Volunteer Trash Service! Since coming under the new ownership, the payment options are easy and they haven't missed any pick up days. They always wave and honk when my kids are out watching, which makes their days 😁 Thank you so much for excellent service!!!"

- Amanda

"We are very happy with Volunteer Trash Service! They are reliable and keep us up to date on their services. We also like their online payment options!!!"

- Mary Lou

"Great local company! They really go above and beyond. When I started service with them they came out and had my trash picked up before I woke up and that included picking up my loose trash! I've forgot to put my can out and they came up to the house and got it. 5 out of 5 stars!! So grateful, I know it seems small but it's a huge relief."

- Holly

"I am very happy with their service. It is such a relief to me not to have to load my trash in my car and drive to the nearest dumpster. I would recommend them to everyone."


"Very affordable trash pick up. Picks up every week without fail and lets you know of any changes in schedule. I highly recommend ReliableTrash Service!!!!"

- Kathy

"Wonderful service! This is the best $ that I spend each month!!! "

- Sarah

"Knowing that they are taking care of this for us is great. Always responsive, kind, and reliable."

- Sheri