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Pricing Info

Curb Side Pick-Up

Since we live in a rural area, we reserve the right to quote specific locations as situations may vary. 

The cart(s) belong to Volunteer Trash Service, and use is included with the monthly price. If the cart(s) is lost, stolen or damaged the replacement fee is $80. 


We strive to be a paperless company but paper statements are available when requested. You can always mail check payments to:

PO Box 4862
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Payment Terms

Monthly payments accepted via card, bank draft, and online payment at no additional cost.
Pay by check is available for those who mail-in quarterly or annually.

First month due at the time of signing up. Cancel anytime, no additional charges. All deliver and pickup costs included for the monthly rate.

Payment is due by 20th of the month. After the 20th Service will be suspended.

After 45 days the cart will be picked up for another customer to use. If the cart is repo’d there is a $25 re-delivery fee to set service back up.


Thank you for understanding we will shift the schedule on Thanksgiving and Christmas.



"Very professional company, they even come up our driveway to empty our garbage can because my husband is disabled and it was a burden to take it to the road, it's 200 feet to the road. Highly recommend their service. If there is a delay let you know too."

- Jodie

"Volunteer trash removal is the most reliable service we’ve had while living in the East Tennessee area. The guys always wave and are friendly, considerate And helpful. I highly recommend them."

- Calien

"Great company. Their routes and timing for pickup are like clockwork. All my neighbors use them as well. Nothing but good things to say and great experience with Volunteer Trash Service."

- Brandon

"Great trash service! Always show up and if they are delayed the notify immediately! Also love the auto billing!"

- Ashley

"I love that volunteer trash service is in my area, they are always very friendly. And they always let us know when they are going to be delayed. I love the fact that I no longer have to take my trash to the dump! Thank you Volunteer Trash Service!"

- Melinda

"You can't go wrong with a trash service called Volunteer 🙂.
Finally one that comes to my neighborhood. I was asking them questions through email on the weekend and actually got a response the same day. I don't have anything negative to say. Great company!"

- Mandy

"Volunteer Trash Service has provided us with great service and very reasonable rates. They are in my opinion the “Best” in the area."

- Janice

"Love knowing that my trash is picked up regularly. I have had excellent service!"

- Dawn